TIPS for a long electric car life

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The electric car has its specifics regarding the way of operation.
SIMPL has researched the little cornerstones to bypass to extend the life of your electric car. (See infographic below)

  • Slow down!

Each charging cycle drains the batteries and over time they lose their original capabilities. Although electric cars can be quite nimble, it's better to stick to lower speeds. In this way, you will save your batteries for longer distances, respectively less frequent charging. Less frequent charging, in turn, guarantees your car's batteries a longer life.

  • Do not charge to the maximum!

With lithium-ion batteries, it is always better to charge to about 80% rather than "filling them to the top". Incomplete charging leaves an opportunity for regenerative braking to convert kinetic energy into usable energy. When charging the battery to 100%, it is good to discharge it immediately after charging so that there is no retention of high values ​​in the cells, which can damage it permanently. It is preferable to avoid charging at DC stations to protect the battery.

  • Parking in the shade!

It is best not to keep your electric vehicle in direct sunlight or expose it to high temperatures. Electric car batteries don't like heat. Therefore, when using your charging station, it is preferable that the car is in a shady and cool place.

  • Limit fast charging!

Many of the charging stations have a function to quickly charge the car. It's a great way to quickly breathe life into a car if needed. However, don't do it regularly! Every time you charge your vehicle too quickly, its battery life will decrease a little bit. Especially if the temperatures are cold, this is not preferable. If you reduce the use of fast charging, you will certainly extend the life of the car.

  • Avoid excessive battery drain!

It is not a good idea to drain your electric car completely every time. This will gradually damage the batteries and shorten their life. If your battery drops to around 30%, you better head to a charging station and charge it up.

  • Adjust the loading time!

Many people leave their electric car plugged into the station overnight. That way they will have a fully charged vehicle in the morning. What is important, however, is that recharging the batteries is not recommended. In most cases, charging stations have the ability to set a timer. And we recommend using the timer. Set it to turn off when the car is almost full.