Frequently asked questions

Simpl offers long-term rental of new and used cars with additional costs included.

Simpl is for anyone who wants to drive a car, but without the burdens of owning one. For anyone who wants to drive a new and different car every year without commiting to buying it. For anyone who wants to set a monthly budget for a car with no unexpected expenses.

The monthly rental includes: car rental, Simpl asisstant, insurance, civil liability, service according to the manufacturer's instructions, tires with replacements included, vignette, vehicle tax, 5 days a year replacement car of class B, 24/7 roadside assistant. 

1 monthly deposit installment for cars worth up to BGN 100 000 and 4 monthly deposit installments for cars worth over BGN 100 000. 

When renting available used cars (Ready2Go cars), the periods for which the car can be rented are 6, 12 and 24 months. For the rental of brand new cars, the periods are 36 and 48 months. 

You can rent a Simpl car by sending a inquiry from the contact form on our website, e-mail at: or by calling 0700 50 111.

After choosing a specific car make and model, period for which you want to rent the car and monthly mileage, the application stage follows. If the application is approved, a contract will be entered into which can be concluded entirely digitally. After signing the contarct, you will receive an invoice for the deposit under the contract. After transffering the deposit, our team will deliver the car to the address specified by you within the city of Sofia. 

For an individual:

∙            Completed and signed declaration of consent

∙            A copy of the applicant's identity card/driver's license with handwritten date and signature

For a legal entity:

∙            The aforementioned documents 

∙            Statement of income and expences, and balance of the company for the last 2 years

You can leave the country with a Simpl car with autorization to travel abroad. The power of attorney has a one-time issuance fee and is valid until the end of the insurance. The power of attorney is issued by the head office of Simpl. During the validity period of the power of attorney, you can go out of the country an unlimited number of times. 

In the case of early termination of a Simpl contract for a new car, a penalty is due in the amount of 50% of the total monthly fees due, calculated from the date of refusal to use the vehicle and its return untill the end of the stipulated rental priod. In the case of early termination of Ready2Go contract for used car, all rentals untill the end of the agreed period are due.

At the end of each Simpl contract, you can receive an offer for the purchase of the car.