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Frequently asked questions

About SIMPL:

Long Term Rental of new cars, road servicing included.

Registration with the Road Traffic Police + Safety Kit; Personal Assistant for your car; Civil Liability; CASCO; Motor Transport Vehicle Tax; Servicing depending on the requirements of the Manufacturer; a Set of Tires, installation, deinstallation and storage included.

Bonuses: Replacement Car, class B, up to 5 days, once a year; damage reporting once a year.

Contact us and we will make an individual offer according to your needs.

Yes. And you get the new car for 1 monthly installment deposit.

You can apply by following several simple steps online:

✔ You receive an offer via email

✔ You send us approval documents

✔ Within 1 hour, you will receive a response of approval

✔ You sign the contract digitally with Evrotrust

✔ Within 2 days you get you new car.

The personal assistant costs 20 Bulgarian leva monthly.

Yes, SIMPL is designated for each make and model of new cars. You choose your car from a dealer and SIMPL takes care of everything else.

To provide you with a fully digital and authorized method of signing documents you can trust. How it works? Download the application, save time and money by quickly and easily signing your documents completely electronically.

Every additional kilometer that you drive above the specified mileage will be charged at the end of the period 0.30 BGN (without VAT) per kilometer.

Upon termination of the lease, the client owes 50% of the remaining number of installments.

For Ready 2 Go Cars

This is a rental of barely used, ready-to-use cars. Ready 2 Go Cars by SIMPL is a new, flexible concept for mobility without long-term commitment.

Book your car, sign digitally and drive a great car for a fixed monthly package price that includes all costs except refueling.

For anyone who appreciates constant mobility and flexibility, but does not currently plan to buy or finance a vehicle.

  • Simpl assistant who takes care of the car
  • Casco
  • Civil liability
  • Vignette
  • Аnnual technical inspection check
  • Vehicle tax
  • After-sales services
  • Tires + assembly / disassembly and storage
  • Bonus: Filling a damage
  • Bonus: Replacement car
  • Bonus: 24 hours roadside assistance

Flexible rental periods.  Choose your fit -  6, 12 or 24 months!

The mileage per month is 1250 km. You can also transfer unused kilometers for the next months. The maximum mileage for 12 months is 15,000 km.

According to the term of the contract / 6, 12, 24 months / you return the remaining number of installments for the selected period of the contract.

  • Road assistance in case of technical / mechanical damage in Bulgaria - unlimited number of times;
  • Repatriation of a damaged car to the nearest service station in the city or the nearest regional city - unlimited number of times;
  • Road services (power supply, replacement of a flat tire, road repair without violating the warranty) - unlimited number of times;
  • 24/7 call center service

You pay one monthly car rent and drive the desired car freely. No hidden fees and additional costs.

 Every additional kilometre over your 1,250 free kilometres per month will be charged at 0.20 BGN (excl. VAT)

Sure, we know how important car selection is. That's why we offer you a free Test Drive.

Personal Assistant and Additional Services:

You can contact you assistant easily and you can request a service via the SIMPL app - an easy and user-friendly mobile app, or you can contact us at 0700 50 111.

You can receive your new car at whichever location you find suitable for you.

The purpose of the SIMPL assistant is to monitor and organize the timely servicing of the car. When the time for a certain servicing is near, for example a for a change of tires, we contact you in order to offer suitable day and time for it. After committing an arrangement, an employee of ours shall come, identify themselves, takes the car => services it => returns it at a location and time suitable for the client. 

The client receives a report on the route where the car has passed and its average movement speed. All documents by service providers, takeover records and photos of the car are stored at the file of the car at SIMPL app. 

At any time, you can request additional services to the rental, such as:

  • Additional review of the car in a service pit;
  • Airport transfer and parking;
  • A replacement car at preferential prices;
  • Reporting damages out of the scope of the package;
  • Annual Technical Review passing after the 3rd year.

If you do not find what you need, Contact us at 070050111.

You can monitor the whole history of the car servicing in SIMPL App - an easy and user-friendly mobile app.

Standard servicing depending on the requirements of the Manufacturer - oil and filter replacement, consumables included.

1. С твоята DriveSimpl карта получаваш:

Отложено плащане 

7ст фиксирана отстъпка за всички горива 

Подробна разбивка за всяко зареждане в 1 месечна фактура

2. Как можеш да се сдобиеш с DriveSimpl карта?

Има само 1 условие! Да си наш клиент!

3. Как да заявиш DriveSimpl карта?

Като се свържеш с нас на: info@drivesimpl.bg или се обади на 0700 50 111

Servicing under the Rental Contract:

Yes, we will issue a Power of Attorney certified by a notary for you for that purpose.

All you need to do is filing a request and one of our employee will contact you.

The documents we need in order to issue such Power of Attorney are: ID Card and Driver's License.

Important! Please, consider that for the following countries: Bosna and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Russia, Belarus, Afghanistan, Armenia, you need a permission by the insurance company. Upon their consent, an addition to the CASCO Policy will be issued.

The express order is prepared within 24 hours, and the standard order - within 3 working days. The service shall be paid in accordance with the Tax and Commission Tariff of SIMPL.

A week before the expiration of the insurance of the car, you will receive the new ones via courier at the address provided by you.

You are entitled to a 5-day gratis term for the payment of your monthly fee, which starts as of the date of maturity. If there is a delay, a penalty will be charged for the entire delay period.

This circumstance is related to an increased insurance risk for the property and therefore it is necessary to take measures for its protection (garage, secure parking lot).

Contact us at 0700 50 111 or via email: info@drivesimpl.bg 

An employee of ours will come to the site and will initiate the adjustment procedure for the locking and security alarm system.

*The service is payable as per the tariff of SIMPL. The service costs for adjusting the locking and the security alarm system shall be at your own expense.

  • First, you shall notify the authorities of the Ministry of Interior that will issue you a certificate of an event;
  • Contact us at 0700 50 111 or via email: info@drivesimpl.bg;
  • Provide the certificate of an event issued by the Ministry of Interior to us;
  • An employee of ours will contact you for receipt of a duplicate;
  • The duplicate shall be issued within three working days.

The service is payable as per the tariff of SIMPL. The state re-registration charges are at your expense.

  • Report the accident at phone number: 112. State your exact location; whether there are any injured people and whether a medical help is needed; whether the vehicles are in motion. Thus, it will be considered whether the given car accident is minor and whether it is necessary for the Traffic Police to visit the scene or they shall register the call and give you a ref. No;
  • Call the insurance company at phone number: 070017241, where you shall receive instructions;
  • The deadline for reporting a damage is 3 (three) calendar days;
  • Once you have reported a damage, fill in and send SIMPL a Notification of occurrence of an insured event or contact us at phone number: 0700 50 111;
  • Make sure that all requirements set out in the General Terms and Conditions of the insurer and the landlord's General Terms and Conditions have been observed.
  • In case of receipt of Electronic Fiche for imposing a fine for committed violation determined by an automatic technical facility, we shall forward you the fiche via email.

    Within 5 days as of the date of receipt of the electronic fiche, you should send SIMPL a written declaration (specimen) for the person who has committed the violation and a copy of their driver’s license.

    In case that you don't comply with the actions set out above, SIMP, in its capacity of an owner of the motor vehicle, shall pay 70% of the amount of the imposed fine in accordance with Art. 189, para. 8 and para. 9 of the Law on Road Traffic. The fine will be reinvoiced and owed by you.

    Important! Please, do not undertake any actions for payment of the electronic fiche directly to the control body.

    If you have any questions, please, contact us at 0700 50 111.