What do you save with an electric car?

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You decide to switch to an electric car. Maybe you win your way of thinking, you want to contribute to the protection of the environment, save money or some other motive. In the final analysis, the moment inevitably comes to calculate and weigh how exactly you will be able to switch from a conventional car to an electric car. We are also curious, so we decided to calculate what and how we save with this choice.

*SIMPL represents the main points of reference to be followed and the exact calculations are left to you as all calculations are strictly dependent on the parameters of the selected car.

The first feathers you save on are:

- Exemption from road tax
- Paid parking areas are FREE
- Zero operating costs, except for consumables
- Electricity is cheaper than fuel

You save on fuel costs

This is the first thing drivers who switch to an electric car notice.
Fuel costs are often variable and mostly increasing. While electrical energy is cheaper. If you charge the car at home, you will pay less than BGN 10 to fully charge the battery of an electric car with 60 kWh. If you charge at night it will be even cheaper.
Using a DC charging station is always around BGN 7 for 30 minutes, which equates to around 160 km of range. Comparing these prices with the average price of filling up with gasoline or diesel, around BGN 110-120, the electric car comes out much cheaper. And it has zero harmful emissions.

You save on maintenance

An electric car has fewer and simpler components to maintain than a CNG car. The amount for replacing spare parts will be less if you have an electric car.
The only more expensive component may be the replacement of the battery, which can sometimes cost more than 2,000 BGN. However, the manufacturers give guarantees of 8 g for them or a certain mileage.

You save on tax

One of the best benefits of owning an electric car is the exemption from road tax. For example, for cars with CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions of 110-130 g/km, the tax can reach over BGN 200 per year. In the long run, this can save you a lot of money.