Technology trends 2022 - Part II

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And since 2022 will be full of great innovative breakthroughs, we present to you the rest of the most significant. Here they are:

Brain implants in humans

In 2022, extremely important technological advances are expected to be transferred to humans. Literally. Namely, to implant brain implants in the human body. Elon Musk's company will begin testing with humans this year. He will not be the only one to develop technology aimed at enhancing the capabilities of the human mind with chips. The plan is for implants to help people recover from traumatic brain injuries, help with depression and other mental disorders.
The big challenge and emphasis is the development of non-invasive technology that allows placement and encirclement of the brain with chips. At the moment, only complex operations are the big barrier to the entry of technology faster and more widely.
Against this background, information came out that 15 of the 23 monkeys tested for chipping died in the period 2017-2020 as a result of infections and other side effects.

Calculate your body data

More and more gadgets are appearing on the market that allow you to measure and analyze data from your own body. Innovative health devices will be used to diagnose and treat health problems. A ring and a bracelet are expected on the market this year, which will measure calories, blood pressure, sleep, footsteps, lung function and even the amount of sweat. According to experts, the availability of such information will help us take more care of our health and notice the presence of problems. It is not yet clear how so much health data will be protected.

Smart homes

The biggest technology companies Google, Amazon, Apple and Samsung have united around the idea of ​​a common concept for a smart home. It will be possible through an ecosystem called Matter. The goal is to be able to use the home technologies you currently have with those you will buy in the future. The idea is for everything to work in sync, regardless of the manufacturer or the virtual assistant through which you interact with them. A number of companies for various goods are already working on producing their products that are in line with the new technology.

Transport by drones

The coronavirus has given impetus to a new innovation in logistics. Due to reduced air activity and congestion in ports, the global freight network has been disrupted. This leads many companies to look for an alternative to transporting goods. That is why drones are on the agenda, which, in addition to entertainment, will now be a much more important part of our lives. They will be able to transport goods and even passengers. Here it is important to mention that both Bulgarians from DRONAMICS are among the first to be approved with their drone, who will receive all permits for transportation of goods abroad. The idea behind the native company is to cover small settlements as far as courier companies are concerned.

Artificial intelligence everywhere

A world powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Completely real and real scenario. Today, intelligent technologies are increasingly driven by artificial intelligence and help us in everyday life constantly. Without even realizing it. From voice assistants to language translation. All this in order to make our lives easier. Smart cars use face recognition algorithms to warn us about objects on the road.
Smartphones use AI algorithms to have perfect call quality, better photos and to do everything with ease.
This trend covers almost everything that people have daily contact with.

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