Technology trends 2022 - Part I

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Until years ago, we watched science fiction films about spaceflight, other planets, chips embedded in humans, and easy life through technology management. Today, this is the reality we live in. And to which we have to adapt. Over the next 12 months, several important innovative technologies will debut, and others will continue to evolve. We present you the first part of them:

Entering the Metauniverse

The most used social network Facebook has completely changed its appearance and made a big step towards involving the world in a completely virtual reality. Meta, as the new name of Facebook is not just rebranding, but considering a new way of life that is entirely in the metaverse. In short, it is a virtual environment that mimics the real one. In it you will be able to perform most of the activities you do in reality. In the new universe, people will have their own avatars, which, however, will be presented only to the waist. The technology is at an early stage and there are many limitations. Currently, access to the Metauniverse is only at the gaming level. However, it is evolving at an extraordinary rate and promises a variety of activities that will keep us in the virtual world for a long time.
Dozens of large companies and businesses are already moving to the metaverse, where they will be able to offer their products and services even more affordable.
There are still doubts and risks about the use of personal data, as well as the dangers of addiction to virtual life.
Meta will also present the first generation of devices for an easier and more enjoyable experience in the universe. A special glove imitating a touch in a virtual environment has already been shown. This is the first step towards the mismatch between real and virtual.
In the long run, Zuckerberg's goal is to cross the two worlds.

Blockchain technology and bitcoin

Blockchain technology will find more and more power this year. Let us give a more specific and explicable definition:
Blockchain is a database of financial transactions that are stored on multiple computers around the world. The data is constantly growing and the records are public. This technology can make electronic identification more secure, facilitate payments and enter new markets.
The idea is to create a new global network, completely decentralized and based on blockchain. All this is related to digital currency. Studies and assessments of the risks and benefits of widespread use are already under way. It is important to say that blockchain technology excludes any financial intermediaries between people and their money.
The beginning of the blockchain was given in 2009, when the code of bitcoin - the first cryptocurrency - was created. The creator of bitcoin, respectively the blockchain, is known only under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. To this day, it is unclear who is behind the name.
Although it has been created for many years, this technology is gaining more and more power in the last 2-3 years and will soon enter our lives. Just months ago, El Salvador became the first country to adopt bitcoin as an official means of payment.

Digital identification

Fully digital ID card and driver's license. This is being talked about more and more this year, and a number of countries will recognize this form of identification, replacing traditional plastics. Fully digital documents will help build an e-government and make it easier to work with the administration. But experts say this will create risk and reduce the security and freedom of online users.

Virtual world without codes

The whole virtual world will be able to be created without the need to write codes. This automation will completely change the digital universe as we know it. And it will allow the entry of artificial intelligence even more. Advanced algorithms and graphics systems will allow anyone to create software and be in the global market. The lack of code will require less time and energy and can be used by large companies. And the best part is that the artists will be able to easily and quickly realize their ideas digitally.