How to choose a quality charging station for your electric car?

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Electric cars are an increasingly preferred and desired vehicle in the world. This is due to the countless possibilities and advantages they offer over classic cars with an internal combustion engine. In addition to being more environmentally friendly, electric cars are one of the best investments that only pay for themselves with fuel and maintenance savings. To move they use electricity. It is obtained from a special charging station that "fills the tank". Fuels may be depleted at some point, but electricity can be obtained from renewable energy sources. This is the right direction for humanity to live a more environmentally friendly life. All electric cars need regular recharging. That's why you get a charger with them, which can be plugged directly into a 120-volt home outlet. In this way, however, cars charge slowly. For 20 hours of charging you get about 200 km. mileage. This is the reason why people prefer specially designed charging stations in their homes.

• More complex installation

Charging stations require more complex installation. They connect to a 240-volt outlet and charge an electric car many times faster.

• DC required

Batteries must always be charged with direct current. That is why electric cars have a built-in converter that allows you to use alternating current in your household, turning it into direct current. However, this is a slow and cumbersome procedure. Just to provide you with faster charging, the second level charging stations have larger converters. You can find such stations in public places in larger cities. However, if you have your own, you will definitely be more comfortable and at ease.
There are two types of charging stations in the country: AC (AC) and DC (DC). DC charging is one of the most popular ways to charge when you need to add electricity to the battery in the shortest possible time. Such stations are most common on highways. The most common and common way to charge an electric car or plug-in hybrid is through an AC station. This type is found in hotels, shopping malls, parking lots, gas stations and other public locations. With such devices, electric car owners charge their cars at home.

But what happens after you buy an electric car? How to choose the best charging station for you and your car?

These questions are important because choosing a station can be a daunting task. So we decided to go through the most important parameters that you need to monitor and know when choosing a charging station. (presented in the infographic)