What type of car can you buy for BGN 30,000, 50,000, 70,000?

Renault Captur Nissan Qashqai BMW 225XE
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The long-awaited moment has come - you have decided to buy a new car! Maybe it will be your first car, or maybe a replacement for the old car? In both cases, choosing a car is not such an easy task, it requires a comprehensive approach - especially if the vehicle is not cheap.


Undoubtedly reliable, beautiful, safe and comfortable. And you will not have any problems with its operation, and then you will easily sell it on the secondary market. For these prices you will expect a car to have many extras, and the size of the cabin, trunk are also important. But let's look at a few models to look for when choosing a new car:

For BGN 30,000?

Sports sedan or something more comfortable? The answer depends on your character and marital status. But we will focus on the Renault Captur.


If you have BGN 30,000 and you are aiming for a Renault Captur, you can count on acquiring a car with a stylish design, a stable petrol or diesel engine and front-wheel drive, especially practical and economical in its urban versions of the LIFE and ZEN models.

The driving force of this Renault is 90 hp. For greater cost efficiency, a Start & Stop system is attached to it - with it the Renault CAPTUR engine is switched off and on automatically. This reduces fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions. And ECO mode and the DRIVINGECO2 system can reduce fuel consumption by up to 12%! In addition, the DRIVINGECO2 system intelligently analyzes your driving style and provides advice on how to reduce fuel consumption even more.

The asset of all modifications can include soft and comfortable suspension, good terrain, spacious interior and wider customization options. This crossover perfectly suits your personality with its range of proposals for a two-tone coupe and color palette. The Renault Captur offers heated front seats, 16- or 17-inch wheels, a panoramic glass roof, a parking assistant, a rear-view camera, a hill-start assist system and a host of other useful options.

Our opinion: the choice of Renault Captur - excellent and affordable for its price range.

And attention! You can now choose a convenient option - more free time for you and less commitment to the car!

The new service on the SIMPL market - with a long-term rental of a new car you can get complete service of the car.

What is SIMPL exactly? If you need to change tires, register with the traffic police, pay vehicle tax, civil liability, airport and parking transfer, service activities - we come, take the car, finish what you need and return it to a convenient place for you. You can monitor the entire movement of the car in a convenient customer module. You will receive a report and documents for each service performed.

Simpl is a new car for every make and model, there is no limit!

For BGN 50 000?

As an amount for this price can be purchased representatives of different classes and levels of equipment cars from basic to top level. However, this creates a certain problem - which car to choose? For this price, most cars are great, reliable, with excellent features. The choice is yours, and we offer our version of a decent model for this price category.


Bright, sporty, charismatic - Nissan Qashqai conquers again and again! It attracts attention and gives birth to new emotions, it is an object of desire for all who appreciate the high level of comfort, bright character and innovative solutions. Behind the wheel you not only have power and do not compromise, but you feel that the whole city is in your power.

The model is a new look at dynamics, handling, manufacturability and driving pleasure! The 360-degree viewing system will help you effortlessly park anywhere. The advanced system with which the car is equipped allows you to keep the road under full control.

The high comfortable position inherent in an SUV, compactness and maneuverability typical of smaller hatchbacks - Nissan Qashqai has gathered the best of both worlds. Modern, intuitive technology makes every trip safe and predictable.

Our opinion: the choice of Nissan Qashqai - the price is worth the emotion.

For BGN 70 000?

We are getting higher and higher! The BMW 225xe iPerformance Active Tourer is a clear proof that high class, innovation and flexibility can be perfectly combined with a dynamic design. Sports, weekend travel or everyday use - this car is always looking forward to the occasion to go on the road, and its dynamics fully meet the standards of BMW.


To cope with style and pleasure with everyday tasks - the BMW 225xe iPerformance Active Tourer is an excellent choice. Innovation (hybrid), energy, provides functionality and driving pleasure - exactly what is expected of a BMW. Accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.7 seconds in combination with extremely low fuel consumption (combined: 3.2-2.7 l / 100 km). In addition to exceptional efficiency and perfect adaptability for everyday use, the model also meets the maximum standards for driving dynamics and quality typical of BMW models.

Our opinion:  the choice of the BMW 225xe iPerformance Active Tourer - a unique, different design, an innovative experience combined with speed and efficiency.

Buying a car is a science. But we are sure that with basic knowledge and information, you will choose the right car for you, corresponding to your personal taste, preferences, lifestyle and character!