The best family car?

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Families with children are perhaps one of the most specific customer groups when it comes to choosing a car. For objective reasons, these people have special requirements for cars, and with the development of automotive segments, they suddenly find themselves faced with three main choices of coupe. Each of these options has its pros and cons, but they all offer enough space for luggage, security and a pleasant appearance. Is it just a matter of taste or should the basic qualities of each of these three classes be carefully considered? Which option is best for young parents - SUV, minivan or station wagon?

SUV vihicles

In the last two decades, SUVs have flooded the market, and in the United States they have become a favorite of many. But why do people fall in love with SUVs? They are large, offer ample interior space, look secure and have a 4-wheel drive system. Even if your child trains in skiing, you are not late to take him to training.

The fact is that four-wheel drive is a convenient and practical solution, but also the maintenance of these systems can be quite expensive, and how often will you have a real benefit from 4x4? On the other hand, you get a pretty good, aggressive and impressive look. You also have a high seating position, which gives you a pretty good view of everything around you, as well as an extra dose of self-confidence behind the wheel. If you decide to buy a caravan, half of the task is already available - you have something to tow it with. The problem is that SUVs are sometimes unnecessarily large, making parking difficult. 

In addition, they are quite heavy, which forces their creators to equip them with large engines. This in turn leads to high fuel consumption. The large coupe respectively leads to low aerodynamic efficiency, which further worsens the cost. The SUV market is evolving to such an extent that companies are beginning to experiment. This is how crossovers appear, which have everything that SUV models are proud of, but complete with a smaller and more economical engine and front-wheel drive. A matter of taste, priorities and price.


Minivans play a key role in modern family mobility. These vehicles originate from freight buses, but are adapted to carry people and their luggage. Nowadays, they are based on the platform of cars, have an attractive design, and the interior space is huge and offers an extremely well-built interior to collect a lot of luggage. Many consider minivan cars to be the only models specifically designed to carry large families. In support of this claim, they often offer ingenious solutions that make everyday life easier.

Some of them have sliding rear doors, which make access easier in tight spaces - for example in the parking lot of a nearby grocery store. As it has already become clear, these practical vehicles are based on cars, which means that they are powered by their compact and economical engines. The aerodynamics are also close to the values ​​we are used to seeing in the car specification. However, the minivans lose points compared to SUVs in terms of appearance. Yes, nowadays their design is not as boring as it was in the past, but for many people the design offered by minivans is not enough.


Unlike SUVs and minivans, the good old station wagon does not consume as much fuel as it does not differ in size and weight from the sedan on which it is usually based. On the other hand, it offers a larger volume for luggage collection. The station wagon is a favorite car of the Germans. They prefer to drive fast and efficient cars on their highways while having space for all their luggage. In terms of volume, the trunk of the station wagon does not differ from that of an SUV, but its main advantage is the low loading threshold. 

This means that in jeeps, the load must be lifted higher to enter the trunk. Almost all of today's station wagons can be ordered with a four-wheel drive, which is another plus in the list of the classic model. Simply put, the station wagon feels, looks and consumes like a standard car, but allows you to load much more luggage more easily.

Disadvantages - many do not like their appearance. The station wagons are more versatile cars than minivans, and despite their smaller size, there will always be enough luggage space in this type of car.

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