Drive a hybrid smartly with these 5 tried and tested tips!

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Hybrids are gaining more and more popularity in our country. Apart from the innovative technology that makes them extremely efficient on the road, the way the hybrid is used is also important.
Is there a difference in driving a hybrid car versus a conventional car? Does management style matter? Questions that we asked our experts and whose answers we will give you in the following lines.

Careful departures

It is important to remember that a hybrid is not an electric car. Therefore, never run on electricity. If you start on electricity alone, the electricity will be used up in a few starts, and then the engine will have to charge the battery, burning a lot of gasoline. Any starting should be done gently, so that the gasoline engine does not start immediately or does so as late as possible. The gas pedal is pressed gradually, not abruptly. This is extremely important for city driving because of the traffic and congestion issues.

Use the descents

The generated kinetic energy recharges the battery, so make the most of every descent. Then the energy conversion is maximum. However, it is good to keep your foot on the brake to control the movement.
Many hybrids have a B mode, where braking activity is combined with automatic gear changes. The mode allows an increase in the braking effect, combined with maximum recovery of energy in the battery. While at the same time protecting the brakes from overheating.

Choosing the right mode

Hybrids allow a choice of many driving modes. Choosing Eco will avoid pressing the gas and will show you the best of the hybrid system. In eco mode, throttle response is smoother and more controlled.

The air conditioner

Never use the air conditioner in automatic mode. Manually set the temperature and speed, which should never be on the lowest setting. The stronger (not cold) the wind, the better the battery cools. Remember the battery is at the back and cold air has a harder time getting to it if the fan isn't blowing hard enough. In Eco mode, the system recognizes the number of people in the cabin and optimizes air flows if necessary.

Tire pressure

Hybrids are often equipped with low-resistance tires that help reduce fuel consumption. Carefully look at the tire performance class for your hybrid, which is indicated on the label when purchasing. Class A is the best.
It is also very important to monitor the tire pressure. Some manufacturers estimate that when traveling with tires inflated 0.2 bar lower than recommended, fuel consumption increases by 1%. At 0.4 bar less, the increase is 2%. Check your tire pressure on the inside of the driver's door or in your owner's manual.