Why choose a sustainable lifestyle? (Part I)

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The truth is that we humans do not own this planet, we are not its rulers. Even though we act like one. We are her guests. And for a little while. And if we want to leave a normal place for our successors, we should think and act in favor of the protection of the planet Earth. In recent years, more and more people are turning to sustainable living, but you can always take one more step to improve the process. And because SIMPL is based on sustainable consumption and a circular process, we will give you some ideas that you can apply in your everyday life. To give nature a chance.

We'll start with the more significant habits you can stick to.

1. Reduce energy consumption

Easy, right? Devices that you don't use often can be disconnected from the power supply. Turn off the lights in rooms you're not in. Using less energy is one of the most important things that can help reduce our carbon footprint. In addition to protecting the environment, you will certainly help yourself by reducing your monthly bills.

2. Products from recycled materials

Choose products and brands that have sustainability as their cause and priority. By using recycled plastic and recyclable materials. If you are a business, find out how you can reduce waste in the production process and try to achieve it.

3. Sustainable fashion

You may not be surprised when we tell you that the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters on the planet. Behind this term is the opportunity to create environmentally friendly clothing. This means that the entire process of manufacturing a garment is entirely environmentally friendly and responsible. From the farms where the cotton is grown to the factories where the cloth is woven. Another aspect of sustainable fashion is 'slow fashion'. Also known as thrift stores. Where many preserved products can be found.
And last but not least, if you need to clear out your wardrobe, give your clothes to recycling instead of throwing them away.

4. New home - let it be sustainable

If you want to live completely according to the rules of nature, you should look for an energy efficient building. The positives of such a home are many – low household bills, preferences regarding building tax, positive impact on the environment.

5. Mode of movement

You have many options here. Such as using public transport or public scooters for short distances. Best of all, they're electric. This will help reduce carbon emissions and will be another step towards protecting nature. A solution to optimize movement is also the use of car rental. This is where SIMPL would come in handy. Because it offers an efficient and convenient financing solution for a new car. With a long-term lease, you always drive a new car and you don't have to worry about its overall care. Because we do.
And the smallest steps we take in our everyday life are steps towards something better for nature. Steps that pay off in the long run. Let's do them every day! Because it makes sense.

In the second part on the topic, we will tell you about the smallest steps we can take to be energy-saving.