Time is priceless!

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Have you ever wondered about how much time you spend on your car?

Lets's give it a thought together.

The purchase of a car is not a spontaneous and easy decision to make, it's a difficult and time consuming process: You're searching for weeks to find the one.... The one that'll make you proud!

You check online, compare prices, you visit different car dealerships, now the test drive, then you choose equipment - what to add, what to deprive, because the finances for the car are already set. 

You finalise all that and the car is finally yours! Best feeling in the world! 

However, that is not the end of the fairytale, because the worries are yet to come - registration, Third Party liability insurance, motor hull insurance, tires change, servicing and filing damages and what not yet to come... A whole lot of time wasted, that you can invest in doing a tad more pleasant activities, such as your hobbies for example.

But is it possible? Yes! 

SIMPL created a service that saves your time and money, you just need to drive and have fun! 

1. You just choose a car and that's where we take over. We make the offers, we look for the best options and we do all the necessary things for you to drive the dream car.

2. The car comes with our thrustworthy assistant, who takes care of it, and your responsibility is only to enjoy the ride. The assistant will take the car from a place that is convenient for you, service it and return it serviced, again at a convenient place for you.  

3. With SIMPL you won't even have to think about selling the car on the secondary market! After the rental period expires, you just get another one and drive!

Choose SIMPL, live SIMPL and drive without a care!