SIMPL changes in favour of our clients!

New cars and barely used cars
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SIMPL is a brand made for the people, which fits the dynamics of the market and aims to give the best experience to its users. 

During the last few months we developed our SIMPL service and made it even more accesible and more user-friendly. 

How SIMPL changed recently: 

1. We realised the need to digitalise. 

Thanks to our partners "Evrotrust" our users can rent a car for long term use entirely online, fast and secure.

2. We focused more on our clients safety. 

That is the reason we included 24/7 Roadside Assistance, so we can ensure the peaceful travels of our customers.

3.Free vehicle delivery.           

We created a new more safely procedure for delivering the vehicles in accordance with all the recommended safety measures.

4.We thought about the importance of time. 

The process of finding the perfect car is long, tough and time consuming. We all know the time spent surfing the web, looking for information on websites, circulating around different showrooms, gathering different price offers and searching for financing of our dream car. We decided, that we can offer more and all in one place - on our website! That is why we have enriched our product range in our SIMPL website where you can quickly and easily compare different car makes and models and configure your own offer in a way that fits your budget, saving the most important thing - your time.

5. We also started a NEW SIMPL Service- "READY 2 GO cars by SIMPL"    

This service allows the user to have a flexible rent contract for a barely used car with low mileage (for minimum rental period of 6 months)

We are dancing to the rhythm of the market! We are changing and adapting our services so we can always be up to date!

Choose your dream car and discover that the everlasting process in finding the dream car can be just SIMPL! 

Enter the world of SIMPL!