Travel carefree in winter with a car subscription

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Winter comes with its challenges – slippery roads, unpredictable snow storms, and all sorts of other conditions that make driving difficult. But what if there was a way to travel worry-free, even in the coldest months? In our blog, we will tell you a little more about how you can get a car suitable for the season.

What is Simpl?

Simpl is an innovative solution that offers a car as a service – it's a modern alternative to traditional car ownership or renting. Imagine having a car that is fully prepared for the winter months without having to worry about maintenance, insurance, or even changing tires. This is possible with the monthly subscription from Simpl.

Why is Simpl perfect for the winter months?

1. Always prepared and safe cars

Simpl ensures that every car you use is in perfect shape for winter conditions. Winter tires, checked antifreeze and everything you need for safety is included.

2. Hassle-free travel

If you encounter technical problems on the road, Simpl provides a quick replacement of the vehicle so that you don't waste valuable time. Each subscription also includes the services of a personal assistant who takes care of the technical condition of the car. If you encounter technical problems or need maintenance for the car, your Simpl assistant will take care of everything. This means you can pay more attention to your personal tasks while someone else takes care of the car.

3. Flexibility

With Simpl, you choose the vehicle that meets your winter needs. Do you want more space for your ski equipment or a more powerful engine for difficult road conditions? Simpl offers you this option. View all available cars.

How to take advantage of Simpl's services?

The step is simple - visit the website, choose the car and the subscription plan that meets your needs. From there, everything else is in Simpl's hands.

Don't let winter stop you. With a car subscription from Simpl, you can enjoy peace of mind, security and comfort while on the road. Thus, winter adventures become not only safer, but also significantly more enjoyable.