How can a car subscription change the way we travel?

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Traveling by car is a part of the daily lives of many people, but traditional methods of ownership and rental can be expensive and inconvenient. In recent years, car subscription is becoming an attractive alternative, as it offers a flexible and convenient way to manage a car that you really want to use, not just one you can afford. But how exactly can this model change our way of traveling?

What is a car subscription?

A car subscription offers consumers the opportunity to use a car for a monthly fee, without the need for long-term commitments. This model differs from traditional buying or renting and provides greater flexibility and a variety of options.

How does the subscription change the way of traveling?

Depending on personal preferences and needs, a car subscription can offer significant advantages over traditional car ownership and use methods. Here are they:

  • Flexibility: Changing cars becomes easy and painless, depending on your needs and desires. Another great advantage of car subscription services is that if your car preferences change, the car you use can also change. You can switch it for another after 6-12 months, instead of waiting for years.
  • Financial transparency: There are no hidden or surprise expenses. Everything is included in the monthly fee, without worrying about depreciation, maintenance, or high-interest rates.
  • Convenience: Maintenance and services are included, which reduces the stress of car ownership. The Simpl assistant ensures full car care while you enjoy hassle-free driving.

The car subscription offers an interesting and innovative way to travel, which can be ideal for many people. This model combines the flexibility of renting with the conveniences of car ownership, without any long-term commitments. At Simpl, you can choose between brand new or slightly used cars – Ready 2 Go.

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