New requirements for travel to the Republic of Turkey

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In connection with the news released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we inform you that there is a change in the requirements for travel to the Republic of Turkey, namely:

Bulgarian citizens visiting the Republic of Turkey must comply with the following requirements:

- When entering Turkish territory with a car, the vehicle is registered to the driver and only he has the right to drive it and take it out of the territory of the Republic of Turkey. It is not allowed to hand over or drive by another person, either with a power of attorney, even if the registered driver is in the same vehicle.

- When checked by the Turkish control authorities and a violation of the above requirement is established, the car can be impounded and, after a few days of bureaucratic procedure, sent to the Turkish customs office in the relevant settlement, then returned to the driver after paying a hefty fine.

- Bulgarian citizens, in whose name a car is registered upon entering Turkish territory, do not have the right to leave the country without exporting the car or it is necessary to present an official document with valid reasons requiring this.

The information only applies to passenger cars, as written in the message, but still companies whose activity is connected with transportation can contact the union of international carriers for more details.