The new customer fuel card DriveSimpl is a fact!

driveSIMPLfuelcard NEW card for clients
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Our team is constantly looking for ways to make our service more complex,modern and even less time-consuming. In short to be really SIMPL and only benefit our clients. 

Therefore, in partnership with and Borika we created the new DriveSimpl fuel card.

The card gives you the opportunity to refuel your car with a discount and also you can defer payments in all petrol stations of Petrol, Cruise, EKO. 

You will no longer have to keep the invoices every time you refuel! 

With your DriveSimpl card you get: 

Deferred payment

0.07 fixed discount for all types of fuels 

Detailed breakdown for each refuel in 1 month invoice

How can you get the DriveSimpl card? 

There is only 1 condition! To be our client! 

You just request your card and we will send it to you by courier free of charge! It's that SIMPL! 

Request your card at: or call 0700 50 111